Price Nominations

Guidelines for Price Nominations

Nominations of candidates for the Gold Medal to be awarded at the International Congress 2016 can be submitted to the Prize Committee Chairs and must include:

  • - Name and affiliation of candidate.
  • - Description of the work that qualifies the candidate for the award, written in terms that are accessible to scholars of different backgrounds, including references to the candidate's important papers.
Nominations are requested electronically and, if possible, in pdf format but all the papers and books must be send by postal mail.
Nominations are confidential, and must not be disclosed to the candidate.
Self-nominations are strongly discouraged.
Nominations should ideally be sent by October 31, 2015 to the Prize Committee Chairs. All prize committees are free to consider nominations that are made after the deadline has passed. 


About two months in advance of an award, the ISP Executive Committee appoints a Selection Committee along the lines of the Prize Statutes and the SPI By-Laws. This includes specifications about the criteria of selection and instructions on how to act in a conflict of interest. The Prize Committees for ICM 2016 will begin their work in 2015. The names of the Selection Committee members remain confidential until Opening Ceremony 2016, only the names of the Chairs are made public. SPI President will invite nominations for all awards to be made the winter of 2015,  see also the nomination guidelines.

The International Society grants a Prize for philological achievement, awarded every five years at the Opening Ceremony of the International Congress. The Gold Medal recognizes outstanding philological achievement, achievements in philological aspects of information science, outstanding philological contributions that have found significant applications of grammar, individual whose accomplishments warrant the highest level of recognition for outstanding achievements in the field of philology. As the nobel Prizes, that  are awarded by the Nobel committee, following the last will of Alfred Nobel, the GMP wants to be an international award. Alfred Nobel wanted each year a great scholar to be awarded in four fields: Medicine, Literature, Physics and Peace. This are the four Nobel Prizes. During the XXth century, many sciences or fields have decided to create such a prize. The most known is the Prize of the Bank of Sweden, also called prize of economics in memoriam of Alfred Nobel, even if the media call it Nobel Prize of economics. But it is not a Nobel awarded by the Nobel committee following the last will of Alfred Nobel…. 
The International Society of Geography has created the Medal Vautrin Lud, prize of geography in memoriam Alfred Nobel It is awarded in Stockholm.
The International Union of Mathematicians awards the Fields Medal, in memoriam Alfred Nobel, usually called by the media nobel of Mathematics… 
The International Society of Philology has created in 1927, following the winning of the Nobel Prize of Literature by philosopher Henri Bergson, a specific prize for philology, philosophy and grammar: the gold medal of philology.