Academic meeting

Academic meeting

Our sister, PhilSoc, usually holds seven meetings each academic year, in October, November, January, February, March, May (AGM) and June. At most meetings, a full paper is read; other meetings take the format of a thematic symposium. Regular meetings start at 4.15pm, with tea served to members and their guests from 3.45pm. Unless indicated otherwise, meetings are held on Fridays, at the School of Oriental and African Studies, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H OXG. Significant announcements made at meetings are reported on the homepage of the Society's website.

PhilSoc welcomes proposals for papers to be read at meetings. Proposals should be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary (contact details on the Contact page). Papers may be on any topic falling within the scope of PhilSoc's interests, but speakers are asked to bear in mind that the audience will represent a wide range of linguistic interests, and papers should therefore be accessible to non-specialists.


15 January 2016
Prof. Joe Eska Virginia Tech
Continental Celtic, syntax, and the genesis of Insular Celtic

12 February 2016
Prof. Sophie Prévost CNRS
‘Grande Grammaire Historique du Français’ : a new perspective on the evolution of word order in French

12 March 
Prof. Maggie Tallerman Newcastle (meeting at Jesus College, Cambridge)
The emergence of syntactic language: bricolage or more like a snowflake?

13 May 2016
Prof. Ulrike Zeshan University of Central Lancashire
Sign Multilingualism - Studying sign languages in bi- and multilingual contact settings

11 June 2016
Prof. Bill Kretzschmar University of Georgia (meeting at Wolfson College, Oxford)
The Complex Adaptive System of English: Text Analysis, Lexicogrammar, and Variation