Word and grammar of heritage

The International Society of Philology is devoted to the scholarly study of language and languages.
It was established in its present form in 1987, consisting partly of members of a society of the same name established at the Unesco and partly of representatives of two hundred universities around the world. The main purpose of the society is to investigate and promote the study of all aspects of the language,and specially modern literature.
More than hundred universities around the world send every five years delegates to the International Congress.

The next congress wil propose a study of the relationship betwenn heritage and grammar : the word and grammar of heritage. 

2016 : Members Individuals / Members Universities.

 During last thirty years, the Universities linked with the Society were  listed here.

Most of the scholars participated to the historical path of the Society : mathematics and grammar 

(The Universities without contact names must appoint a new representative to the Society and to the Congress for November, 2018).