International Society of Philology

Société Internationale de Philologie


Every five years, the Society awards the Gold Medal of Philology to a scholar whose works are exceptional intheir quality.

Created in 1937, after Henri Bergson won the Nobel Prize, the Gold Medal Philology is a prize of esteem awarded to large-scale works.


Every year, the Society might award the Honor Gold Medal to a scholar whose works are remarquable.

The Medal is awarded every five years on the occasion of the International Congress of the Society to recognize outstanding philological achievement for existing work and for the promise of future achievement.


The Medal Committee is chosen by the Executive Committee of the International Society of Philology and is normally chaired by the Chancellor of the University of Philology and Education (Delaware, DE, USA). It is asked to choose five Philology Medalists, and to have regard in its choice to representing a diversity of philological fields.




The name of the Chair of the Committee is made public, but the names of other members of the Committee remain anonymous until the award of the prize at the Congress.

1967 Georges Bonnard

1971 Morris Halle

1976 Hans Helmut Christvann

1981 Roman Jakobson

1986 Koldo Mitxelena

1991 Iuri Lotman

1996 Umberto Eco

2001 Meredith Gardner

2006 Dell Hymes

2009 Goran Malmqvist (Honor Medal)

2011 Joseph Greenberg

2016 Florent Montaclair

2017 Noam Chomsky (Honor Medal)

2018 Eugen Simion (Honor Medal)