International Society of  Philology (ISP)                                                                                                         


ISP is an international non-governmental and non-profit scientific organization, with the purpose of promoting international cooperation in philology. It has endorsed repeatedly ICSU's Principle of Freedom, Responsibility & Universality of Science.

The objectives of the International Society of Philology (ISP) are:

  • To promote international cooperation in philology
  • To support and assist the International Congress of Philology and other international scientific meetings or conferences
  • To encourage and support other international activities considered likely to contribute to the development of science in any of its aspects

In 1927, the Philosopher Henri Bergson won the Noble Prize for Literature. But he was not a poet, or a novelist, or a fictional author... 
So, The ISP decided to create a special Prize for critics or scholars in grammar or literature analysis : The Gold Medal of Philology, as the International Union of Mathematicians created The Field Medal... Every five years, a Gold Medal of Philology  is proposed to a great scholar for his works on grammar or on literature criticism. Since 2017, The Gold Medal is awarded every year.


For 2017, the ISP congress proposes to Professor Noam Chomsky a special Gold Medal, for his works, the most important grammar evolution  of the XXth century.

You can watch his prize lecture on
Russian Television https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJRQ6lWqNG0 
You can watch an interview on French Television http://www.arretsurimages.net/emissions/2016-12-01/Chomsky-La-campagne-de-Trump-une-version-vulgaire-de-celle-d-Obama-id9355

You can read an interview in Philosophie Magazine (http://www.philomag.com/lactu/breves/quand-lassemblee-nationale-remballe-noam-chomsky-19228) and in L'Humanité (http://www.humanite.fr/noam-chomsky-lanthropocene-le-liberalisme-et-autres-fleaux-627512).

You can read an information about his second prize lecture in Belgium Ambassy http://wbi.be/fr/news/news-item/wallonie-bruxelles-accueille-noam-chomsky#.XBzbIFVKjIU

You can read an information about his prize lecture in Assemblée nationale https://blogs.mediapart.fr/sheik-yerbouti/blog/291116/noam-chomsky-paris-le-30-novembre-2016-suite

He received the Medal of the Assemblée nationale from Mister Pierre Joxe (Chairman of the Conseil Constitutionnel - Supreme Court of France) and Mister Claude Bartolone (Chairman of the Assemblée nationale - French Congress), in the presence of Luc Montagné (Nobel Prize for Medicine); Jean Jouzel (Nobel Prize for Peace), Albert Fert (Nobel Prize for Physics), Alain Aspect (Médaille d'or du Centre National de Recherches Scientifiques - CNRS), Gérard Berry (Médaille d'or du CNRS), Alain Prochiantz (Chairman of the Collège de France), Jean-Loup SAlzmann (Chairman of the Conference of the French Presidents of Universities), Maurice Godelier (Médaille d'or du CNRS), Jacques Stern (Médaille d'or du CNRS).

You can read an information about his prize lecture in French Universities Presidents Magazine

You can read the winning announce from President CLaude Bartolone, Chairman of the French Congress, https://twitter.com/claudebartolone/status/740552716087365632

Download the prize lectures
The Galilean Challenge (Bibliothèque nationale de France)
Grammaire, artialisation et patrimonialisation de la figure du vampire (Congress Palace, Stockholm)
Political Talks in Paris (Centre Wallonie Bruxelles in Paris)
La civilisation associative, laïque et électrique (Assemblée nationale, Paris)